Unit 5 - Oral Communication Assignment


Unit 5 - Oral Communication Assignment

Earlier this semester, you drafted a persuasive email that dealt with an issue at your workplace you wanted to see addressed.  Later, after approval of the course of action that you recommended, you worked on a formal proposal supported by research.

For this assignment, you will pitch your proposal to an audience of top level division makers.


The presentation may not exceed 5 minutes.  

Imagine that you met with the regional manager, and he opened the meeting with the following: “So, I got your email, and I think your idea has merit, but I can’t approve the funding at my level.  Give me the 5-minute pitch/executive summary version of your email on why we should spend dollars on this program, that I can take to corporate.”

For this you will prepare a 5-minute presentation that the regional manager can use to pitch your idea to the national office.  Your job is to address that request clearly, logically, and persuasively.  

Learning Goals:

· To apply best practices for delivering an executive presentation from the videos and readings

· To effectively synthesize information, demonstrating the ability to be concise yet thorough

· To deliver an audience-oriented presentation that strategically prioritizes information, appealing to the audience’s bottom line

· To organize a presentation in a way that is visually and aurally appealing, while also logically and coherently organized

· To demonstrate an ability to manage time and successfully complete the presentation.

Tone & Style:  

Persuasive, professional, informative, straight-forward, logical, concise, and clear.

Length: 3 (minimum) to 5 minutes (max.) – additional time will be penalized


Your audience is the top level owner(s)/executive(s) of the company and the committee that the manager assembled to consider your idea.  Among them are representatives from HR, PR, and various department heads.

The context is a professional meeting but it is not too formal. Please do not use overly wordy or inflated language.


Your presentation will be evaluated based on the criteria described above in the Learning Goals.

Medium:  You can use either video (such as YouTube) or a presentation method that allows you to include your recorded voice (such as PowerPoint or Prezi), or a combination of both.

Supplemental Resources:

Website Readings:

How to write a compelling executive summary: https://www.garage.com/resources/writing-a-compelling-executive-summary/

A list of the best free online presentation software tools: https://business.tutsplus.com/articles/online-free-presentation-software--cms-30002

12 proven strategies to make your presentations more captivating: https://www.inc.com/ben-parr/12-proven-strategies-to-make-your-presentations-more-captivating.html

Youtube Videos:

Three “A’s” to Amazing Business Presentations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbfB5cbCQRI

How to open and close presentations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl_FJAOcFgQ

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