Unit 3 Assessment - Research a Social Issue




In Unit 1, you identified recent technological advancements that have impacted human beings. In Unit 2, you analyzed the life cycle of a social problem related to that technological advancement.

In this week’s writing assignment, you are asked to analyze the psychological/sociological dimensions of the technology you analyzed in last week’s writing assignment. Specifically, you are asked to write an outline (see attached outline example) that discusses the impact of this technology on the individual (emotions, mental health, well-being, substance use, cognitive functioning, etc.) and society (social mobility, public health trends, crime rates, social cohesion, political stability, etc.). To this end, please follow these directions:

First, use the research methods we developed in Unit 2 to locate 8 articles related to the social problem you wrote about in the most recent discussion. Two of these articles can be ones you have already used.

Second, please describe 2 psychological and 2 sociological impacts of this technology. Be certain to explain the significance of these impacts rather than just listing each item.

Make sure to support each point with facts derived from valid outside sources selected with the methods covered in this week’s discussion post. Please submit your writing assignment in an outline format. Be sure to cite all sources using APA formatting style (Links to an external site.).

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