Unit 3.2 assignment: Final Paper Part 2 (HRM335)



Unit 3.2 Assignment: Final Paper, Part 2


The topic I have selected for the Final Paper will be:

·  Ford

You will conduct a literature review of resources you have gathered in support of your final paper. 

  • Instructions:
  • Your resources will be chosen from course resources as well as outside resources in support of your topic. Your literature review will provide:
  • A minimum of five resources.
  • A paragraph or two of why each resource is relevant.

  • As you research resources, address the following:
  • What is the company you selected doing in this regard?
  • The initiative you’ve selected for the business.
  • How to affect large scale organizational change.

  • Requirements:
  •  While there is no minimum page length, you will add a reference page.
  •  All literature reviews must be professionally written using APA citations and references.

Refer to the attached document for complete details and grading rubric.

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