Under Armour Analysis Due May 23



  • Review Under Armour’s first quarter financials for the period ended March 31, 2020. 
  • Based on information conveyed in the earnings release and the 10-Q, assess the company’s financial position in relation to its ability to weather the impact of Covid-19. 
  • Cite specific actions the company has taken.
  • Quantify their actions in a manner that can be tied to the financials.  
  • Specifically include in your discussion cash, debt, goodwill & intangibles, restructuring charges, and cost containment initiatives. 
  • Opine on the reasonableness of those actions, i.e., did they do enough or did they overreact? 
  • Your analysis should incorporate info from the press release as well as their 10-Q.
  • Your analysis should be two pages.
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