UI design



1. Describe the application by including screen images of the web site/application and annotate its major interaction components (icons, menus, windows, forms, etc.). Then

2. Application (Visual Design) (ROTTEN TOMATOES)Describe the principles of visual design that the application uses. 

Include a description of the grid, the typography, the use of color and icons. 

Provide a critique of the visual design.

3. Application Usability study: (ROTTEN TOMATOES)Identify existing or proxies for users. 

Interview at least 10 people about the usability of the application and document the  interview process and results.  

Summarize the major points raised in the interviews on the usability of the application.

The report clearly describes the usability study process, plan, and results. The usability study plan is well organized and covers the pre-task questions, tasks, post-task questions. The analysis of the results are summarized as an analysis of the data collected during the interview, possibly including appropriate tables and figures. Discussion of what they learned was included to explain some shortcomings. Data from studies was organized and any optionally included raw data was put in an appendix.

Application is Rotten Tomatoes

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