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In the first two writing assignment, you compared Paul's view of evil with your own and integrated with an examination of your background and Paul's. Here you will add a new piece.

In this writing assignment, you will consider where your ideas and Paul's ideas came from. 

Complete the following seven steps:

(1) Write a paragraph about Paul’s idea of the hero, Jesus. How does Paul name and describe the hero? How does Jesus overcome evil? 

(2) Write a paragraph about how you name and describe your hero and heroine. Compare and contrast with Paul. Perhaps use ideas from our class brainstorm about heroes/heroines. Even though we have not yet discussed how Paul’s hero brings evil to an end, you can discuss how Paul’s hero and your hero are the opposite of the evil you have already written about. This will help you link this section to the prior ones.

(3) Add these paragraphs to your prior writing assignments. 

(4) Make all six paragraphs flow together. Use transitional statements and phrases. Revise them until the create a logical flow. 

(5) Turn in these six paragraphs here. 

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