Assignment: Prospectus (Download instructions)

Course Outcome address in this activity:

NS313-6: Analyze strategies for sound financial, performance and business management.


As the foodservice manager, you are responsible for preparing the capital budget for a large organization. Your department will need to acquire a new piece of equipment that needs to be budgeted as a capital expenditure.

Recall in chapter 10 “Facilities Planning and Design,” that a prospectus is a written plan for a project that details all elements of the situation being planned. A prospectus is used as a guide and communication tool to aid clear understanding by all who are involved in the planning.

Write a prospectus/proposal, including a justification, for this capital expenditure of a new piece of equipment that you select. Use a hypothetical scenario that is realistic to provide meaningful details.

The prospectus requires a minimum of 600 words and includes three sections:

  1. The rationale, which includes a description of equipment
  2. Physical and operational characteristics
  3. Regulatory information

Use headings to clearly identify each part of the prospectus. Provide credible references as needed.

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