Two discussions due Saturday before 9:59 pm


Topic 6: Discussion Question 1 

What factors affect verbal language learning? Consider typical language development and atypical language development. Provide cited examples from your readings.

Study of the Child: Theories of Development Series

View “Study of the Child: Theories of Development Series,” from Films on Demand.


Topic 6: Discussion Question 2 

Luis is 11-years-old and was born in Dallas, Texas. Spanish is the primary language used in his home and neighborhood. Although Luis has been in school for a while, he does not have a literary foundation in his first language, but is motivated to learn English. Luis’s family encourages him to learn English and his teacher reports that he is motivated to learn and has a confident personality.

Based on the above scenario, what benefits does he have and what challenges does he have in acquiring the English language? Use information from course readings related to the role of language and culture in learning to answer this DQ.

Teaching Diversity: A Place to Begin

Read, “Teaching Diversity: A Place to Begin,” by Gonzales-Mena and Pulido-Tobiassen, located on the Scholastic website. 


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