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Reviewing Articles Critically

Describe the two research articles related to your topic of interest you reviewed. Be sure to clearly explain which was correlational research and which was quasi-experimental research and why. Pay special attention to the statistical analysis as well as to any ethical considerations that should be noted. Compare and contrast the two studies, noting the strengths and limitations of both studies.

For the quasi-experimental study, did the researchers discuss power and effect size? If so, share that information and explain why it is important to the study. Explain how the information you learned through the review of these studies contributes to your understanding of the topic and how you can use this information in your professional practice.

Experimental / Quasi-experimental designs

Nelson, R. J. (2013). Is virtual reality exposure therapy effective for service members and veterans experiencing combat-related PTSD? Traumatology, 19(3), 171–178. https://doi-org.library.capella.edu/10.1177/1534765612459891

Quantitative Correlation Survey

McClintock, A. S., Perlman, M. R., McCarrick, S. M., Anderson, T., & Himawan, L. (2017). Enhancing psychotherapy process with common factors feedback: A randomized, clinical trial. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 64(3), 247–260. https://doi-org.library.capella.edu/10.1037/cou0000188

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