Trans Atlantic Slavery in Jamaica


2500-3000 words

introduction of slavery to the island, slave life on the plantation, revolt the ended slavery on the island

introduction to your topic, including your thesis statement

body of several pages that develops your thesis and includes supporting evidence from your primary and secondary source research, including the Voyages database

conclusion that synthesizes the information and ideas you have presented and provides your conclusions

2 or more primary sources

in-text citations in either APA 7 format

reference page 

Sparks, R. J. (2014). Where the negroes are masters. Harvard University Press.

Klein, H. S. (2010). The Atlantic slave trade

Richards, K. E. M. G. L. (2001). Jamaica in slavery and freedom: history, heritage, and culture

Zoellner, T. (2020). Island on Fire: The Revolt That Ended Slavery in the British Empire

Burnard, T. (2004). Mastery, tyranny, and Desire: 

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