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Many of the competitive capabilities that organizations hold today rest in the knowledge that organizational members possess (e.g., employees). What do you think is the strategic importance of knowledge management? Discuss the challenges that organizations face when implementing an effective knowledge sharing strategy.
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I agree that in competitive organizations, the skilled capabilities are held in those organizational members.  The real challenge is ensuring those members spread that knowledge throughout the organization to other members. With that said, the strategic importance of knowledge management (KM) is to create an environment for members to share the knowledge.  Management must strive to create that environment by leading the way and showing the employees that they are encouraged to share their knowledge with others.

    A challenge that organizations face in KM is that the subject matter experts are unfamiliar with, or don't know to share the knowledge that they have acquired.  Another big challenge is the members are afraid if they do share that knowledge, that they will soon be replaced or they will not have control over areas of expertise.  With the various challenges identified, management can improve the KM process within the organization.

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