Topographic Maps


HW5:Topographic Maps

Learning Goals: 

  • Explain how elevation is described on a topographic map with contour lines
  • Estimate the elevation of any point on a topographic map
  • Identify areas that are steeply sloped or gently sloped on a topographic map
  • Identify the shape of land forms on a topographic map, including whether slopes are concave-up or concave-down
  • Use the Rule of Vs on a topographic map to determine the direction a river is flowing
  • Determine the gradient of a stream or other linear feature on a topographic map
  • Use the map scale to infer distances on a topographic map 
  • Identify the latitude and longitude of the corners on a topographic map
  • Describe what is meant by a "7.5 minute" topographic map
  • Describe the relationship between map scale and map detail
  • Describe how to find adjoining maps from a topographic map
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