Topic: Political science

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Topic: Political science

Type of paper: Research paper

Discipline: Political science : Political Science

Format or citation style: MLA


I. Research
You may choose one of the extra weekly reading/discussion topics for your paper.
Civic Education
Federal-State Relations
Water Crisis in the West
Affordable Housing Shortage
Financial Services Deregulations
Animal Protections
U.S. Trade Policy
Other topics pre-approved by instructor
You must have at least five different sources, one of which will be the weekly reading.  Five different articles from the same publication does not count; there must be five different sources.  The sources must also be from the last three years.
Your sources must be academic journals or newspapers, not random websites.
I recommend using the library's article search database (link on the left menu).
II. Format
Your paper must be more than 1700 words in length. This is text only, not the header or your bibliography.
This is a formal paper and should be written as such. Do not use contractions (such as "can't” or "don't) and do not write in first person (i blah blah...)
Please proofread! Have someone other than yourself read the paper. I would welcome drafts as well.
Your essay must be checked for grammar and spelling, and must include proper citations, such as the page numbers. If you do not write very well, I strongly recommend you use the NetTutor (link on the left menu) or MPC Writing Center for help with your paper.
Be sure to write in your own words and do not copy. Papers with copied/plagiarized portions will not be accepted.
III. Content
Description of the current public policy conflict
Explanation of the issue and why it is relevant to our lives
Summary of both sides of this issue. Evaluation of these positions.
Prescription of what the government (state or federal) should be doing
I am not really interested in personal opinion except perhaps at the very end of the paper (one or two paragraphs).
In an "A” paper,
Content is comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive
Major points are stated clearly and are well supported.
Research is adequate, timely, relevant, and addresses all of the questions stated in the assignment criteria
IV. Citing your sources
You must cite your sources throughout your paper, not just at the end.
You must also provide a bibliography at the end.
I am not particular about the style of the citations, whether it is MLA, APA, or APSA.
Do not overuse quotations! You will only be allowed two direct quotes for the entire paper. Put things in your own words and then cite your source.

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