To Dr, Clover (Response Needed For Unit 3 2nd Week)


 Nice work Marsha, as you mention in your post as we continue to conduct our research as the course continues to drive to the finish, it will be through peer dialogue and collaboration as the first line of providing the necessary feedback that we will be able to use to our advantage as a means of producing the resources we will be able to use in our final project. The information that is discussed throughout the course could play a very pivotal role in our able to harness the information that could be use to piece the resource. Receiving the feedback from our peers would be great also because this feedback could potentially provide us with information from a first hand account that is experience from a fellow classmate. This information could potentially serve as a compliment to text resources and other resources that could help with providing a great wealth of knowledge on various subject, however that knowledge may not be as up to date as the first hand account experiences from a classmate.  

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