This outline topic is on Violence (Guns)  

Instructions: Outline format, Create a Policy, Subtitles only, and Paragraph form 

1. Discussion of the social need/condition, including problem legitimization, policy introduction, values and self-interest, causal theory, and consequences of social problem (Section #1 is worth 30 points total): 

A.   Problem Legitimization: An examination of how the problem or need was defined and documented (10 points)

· Definition of Social Problem

· Statistics/Data around prevalence/frequency of the social problem

· Who the social problem affects (note any patterns re: gender identity, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, etc.) 

B.  Policy Introduction:  An explanation of your policy as it relates to your social problem (5 points)

· What is the policy and WHEN was the policy introduced/authorized?

· Why was the policy implemented?

C.    Values and Self Interest: Discussion of how values and self-interest shaped the definition and documentation of the social problem and the policy itself.  
(5 points)

· History of the problem and the values that contributed to the problem

· Social Work Values that influenced/help craft the policy of interest

D.    Causal Theory: Discussion of one causal theory that has been developed based on the definition of the social problem (5 points)

· What theory is related to the social problem? What theory helps explain the problem?

E.   Consequences of the Social Problem: The consequences that are ascribed to the social problem (5 points)

· What are the direct social and individual consequences of the social problem? (i.e., mortality consequences? Public health consequences? Economic/Financial consequences? Emotional/Mental Health consequences? Familial/Relational consequences? ETC!) 

2.  Policy analysis, including latent and manifest goals, benefits/services provided, eligibility and delivery systems, financing, and evaluation (section #2 is worth 30 points total) 

A.   Latent and manifest goals (10 points)

· What are the SPECIFIC goals (i.e., the manifest goals) of the policy you have chosen? (DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE GOALS OR YOU WILL BE PENALIZED.)

· What are the secondary, perhaps unintentional goals (i.e., the latent goals) of the policy you have chosen? Did the policy you chose help/aid/benefit any other population outside of your specific interest?

B.    Benefits and Services provided (15 points)

· What are the benefits of the policy for the population affected? (BE SPECIFIC!) 

· What are the direct or indirect services that are provided to the population affected through the policy? 

C.    Eligibility and Delivery Systems (10 points) 

· Who is eligible for the policy?

· How is the policy “delivered” or “rolled out?” (i.e., who oversees the policy? What delivery systems are in place for the policy?) 

E.    Evaluation and Recommendations (15 points) 

· Is the policy, itself, strengths-based? How so? 

· What would you change about the policy to make it more reflective of the strength-based approach and why?

Formatting – Formatting, Grammar, Syntax, etc. is worth a total of 20 points

A. APA format must be used – Refer to the APA Manual or Purdue OWL  

B. 5-7 pages in length NOT including the title page or references 

C. A minimum of 5 PEER-REVIEWED SOURCES must be used 

D. Proper grammar and punctuation – Use Grammarly or the Writing Center on campus


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