This is the essay of Supply Chain Management.


This individual assignment asks you to write a blog post about a company of your choice and its supply chain. Provide a catchy title, rich content, and avoid the fluff.

The assignment grade reflects how interesting and informative for the reader the blog article is.

Yourubmission will be evaluated using the following five criteria.

  1. The number and relevance of topics from the class discussion in the article.
  2. The density of topics and data provided within the limits of the article.
  3. Description of the supply chain's size, structure, strategy and competitive landscape.
  4. Current challenges and future opportunities of the supply chain.
  5. The absence of content that is not relevant to the scope of our class. 


Please keep it under two double-spaced pages. The longer it is beyond that, the faster I will read it, and I may miss some important content. Format is up to you, figures are appreciated and do not count towards the limit. 

Use at least two sources. These should be referenced at the end of the article (not counting toward the limit) and should clearly cited in the midst of the article. Feel free to use references from the blogs linked in the Prezi's big bubble, company websites, and reputable media sources, but cite at least one peer-reviewed article retrieved for example from Google Scholar.

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