thesis statements


Develop 5 thesis statements on the same topic (or claim statements) for a persuasive paper. This thesis statement needs to be an OPINION (not fact because a fact cannot be argued), a single sentence, and include brief hints about the direction and scope of the paper.

 So to reiterate, you MUST introduce an opinion on a topic and a stance for 5 different claim statements on the same topic.

EXAMPLE: Donald Trump is not a legitimate President because he wasn't elected by popular vote but by the electoral college.

Do you see that the premise is BASED ON AN OPINION (it must be; otherwise there is nothing to argue)

 It also cannot be a topic that most everyone already agrees on, such as: Continuing your education is important in this global economy because...

You cannot remain neutral on the issue. You must advance a particular stance on an issue and provide support for your specific stance. You are not required to supply information that contradicts your argument. 


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