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1.    The 2016 Presidential election was unprecedented for a number of reasons but, one of the most stark findings from the exit polls and voter breakdown from the election found that the majority of white voters in every category (notably, former Obama voters) voted for Donald Trump. The majority of voters from non-white groups voted for Hillary Clinton. This kind of split in the vote was attributed to several variables, including then-candidate Trump's racialized rhetoric.

Will it happen again in 2020? 

Please take a look at the resources below on the 2016 election and by using resources from academic or professional political sources (i.e. analysis sites, political pundits and journals), predict whether the white-PoC split will happen again in 2020? Or will it be along other lines? 

FYI: Media isn't a reason, don't reference media- think beyond it.

2.    Legislation are government are not just intent, but implementation, thus the Presidency is extremely important and consequential. The effect of a single administration on our country can be far reaching as the implementation of legislation passed by congress or the actions of a single administration can have consequences here and abroad and set forth extensive changes to our daily lives.

For this critical challenge, students will be required to choose an administration- excluding the following President's: Washington, Kennedy, and Trump- and identify one signature policy that had a long lasting impact on domestic or international affairs.

Students must successfully:

- Clearly and correctly match the President and their Policy.

- Explain the context, in which, the policy was enacted by the administration, or if it was a legislative initiative and why the President at that time advocated for that policy.

- Identify who was affected by the policy, both positively and negatively.

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