The Power of Public Speaking


 Assignment 3.2 Persuasive Speech and Self-Review 

Due Week 7: 200 points 1) Part 1: Record or upload your speech. o Refer to your outline or speaking notes to deliver your speech. Do not read your notes word for word. o Follow the technical instructions for recording your video in the “Assignment 3.2” section located in Week 7 of your course. o Remember to watch your recording. Do you want to submit it, or do you want to record another version? 2) Part 2: Complete the self-review questions. o After you have recorded your speech, address the self-review questions in the “Assignment 3.2” section located in Week 7 of your course. This reflection helps you step back and take a second look at your work, with an eye on improvement and highlighting your achievements! 3) Submit your speech and self-review in Blackboard. *Grading for this assignment will be based on the following criteria and evaluation standards: POINTS: 80 ASSIGNMENT 3.1: PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Criteria Exemplary 100% - A Proficient 85% - B Fair 75% - C Meets Minimum Expectations 65% - D Unacc 

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