Research Proposal


I need a research proposal about specific topic:

the effectiveness of sociolinguistics to understand the bilingual's language choices

I need 3 pages of research proposal with 4-5 references.

It must be in APA style


Research Proposal

 The title 

  1- Introduction: This research proposal aims to explore............   

2- Research Problem  

 3- Research Purpose/Aim: This is a (qualitative/ qualitative) study that aims to explore and identify..........   

4- Research Questions: Two & three questions   

5- Literature Review: Keeping in view the aim of this study, in this section, some relevant literature is reviewed in order to provide a context and background for the study

 6- Research Strategy

 7- Research Design

 8- Data collection method

 9- Ethical considerations 

10- References

(if there is any grammatical mistake in the title, please fix it.

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