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1) Use the link below to find a film you have seen that uses a non-linear plot (a plot that does not follow chronological order) like "A Rose for Emily." Tell us why you think the director chose to use a non-linear plot. Why is the film better with a non-linear plot than it would have been with a traditionally chronological plot?

List of Non-linear Films will be in the uploaded file 

If you prefer, you may use a novel or TV show/episode instead. 

Why Did I Have to Take the literature ?

2) Literature is a requirement for most degrees.

First, tell us why you think Literature is a requirement. Why does the Board of Regents require you to take Literature if you are not an English major?

Then, tell us if you agree that Literature should be a requirement. Why or why not. 

(Hint: Do not go down the rabbit-hole of logic that assumes the only reason someone should attend college is to get job skills. That's what vocational schools are for. College degrees have always represented more than job skills. Being "educated" cannot always be quantified in terms of job skills or earning potential.)

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