The American Economy issue paper

topic: : Should the minimum wage be eliminated, left alone, or increased?  If you believe it should be increased, state how much it should be increased and why.

Your Position Statements are to be NO MORE THAN A THREE TO FOUR PAGE DETAILED OUTLINE on the topics you select. 

In your Position Statement outlines you need to include: (1) your topic, (2) your position on the topic, (3) economic arguments against your position, (4) economic arguments supporting your position, (5) a brief concluding paragraph, and (6) at least three appropriate citations NOT including the textbooks INCLUDING 2 TO 3 SENTENCES EXPLAINING WHY YOU BELIEVE EACH OF YOUR CITATIONS (MINIMUM OF 3 OF YOUR CITATIONS) TO BE CREDIBLE.  Steps 

(3) and (4) must be done in outline form using complete sentences.

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