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Each student will analyze a current organizational behavior issue specific to their work organization.  The paper should integrate both the theoretical and practical.  The analysis should include, but is not limited to, an in-depth examination of the situation or issue using the following format:

  1. Discuss the background and history of the organization,
  2. Identify and discuss the issue in terms of organizational behavior,
  3. Literature review,
  4. Discuss the probable causes of the issues,
  5. Discuss possible alternatives to solve the issue. Also, discuss advantages and disadvantages of each alternative, and
  6. Recommend a solution and develop a plan-of-action that describes specifically how you would implement recommendations. Ensure that the plan-of-action is efficient, feasible, ethical, and legally defensible. A plan-of-action should contain task/action, (what will be done), responsibilities (who will do it), resources (funding, people, etc.), timeline for completing the task, and evidence of success. This is the essence of the paper.  Full credit cannot be awarded unless appropriate recommendations are offered with a detailed plan-of-action to address the issue.

This requirement is equivalent to a term paper that the student has not submitted before for academic credit.  The minimum length requirement is 10-pages, not counting the title page, abstract, and reference section.  References must include academic and professional journals, organizational literature, and interviews with key organizational actors and experts

My topic is  "Changing Organizational Culture to Increase Advancement of Females at McCoy Resources".

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