telecom network security


dq1: This week you will examine WireShark, a well-used network-packet analyzer. For this discussion:

Define a packet analyzer and describe its use

List commonly used packet analyzers (beyond WireShark)

List best practices for analyzing packets

Describe uses (good and bad, ie. hacker) of a packetanalyzer

Discuss ways you would protect your own network data from being analyzed


One of the first lines of security defense that companies (and individuals) should perform is to enable a firewall. Today, most routers include a firewall, most personal-computer operating systems provide a firewall, and their are a variety of network (hardware and software) firewalls available. For this discussion:

Define the term firewall

Discuss the goal(s) of a firewall

Describe different types of firewalls (router, server, personal computer, network) and when users should use each

List several commonly available (open source) firewalls

Describe best practices for using a firewall

Make sure you post your primary response and then respond 


One of the ways businesses provide secure access to their network (or a subset of their network) to remote (or mobile) users is to use virtual private networks (VPNs). VPNs allow users to connect securely (over an encrypted link) to a network. For this discussion:

Define the term virtual private network

Discuss the goal(s) of a VPN

Describe different types of VPNs (hardware or software based)

Discuss how the use of a VPN may support BYOD (bring your own device)

List several commonly available (open source) VPNs

Describe best practices for using a VPN


Security is a very complex process, affecting applications, networks, databases, facilities, and more. This week we will examine security considerations. Specifically, I am looking for you to provide simple best practices all users (and companies) should follow. Within your post:

Network Security

Provide 5 to 10 network-security best practices

Mobile Security

Provide 5 mobile-computing-security best practices


Provide 5 to 10 physical security best practices

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