Technology discussion 3


2-3 paragraph response and at least one reference 

This week we will look at a technology that affects most of us and also is wide-ranging, but goes unnoticed by many people. That technology is radio frequency identification (RFID). It generally started as a way to accurately identify and track inventory, but now is also used in credit cards, driver's licenses, military ID cards, insurance cards, and other areas. It is also injected into pets to identify lost dogs and cats. It is even being injected into humans as a trial for computerized health records. While all of these applications of RFID can be of great benefit, there are also down sides. Readers exist that, at close range, can capture the data on the chip and allow the "thief" to steal your identity, drain your bank accounts, run up your credit cards and provide other private information that can be misused. Discuss the following: major benefits and the negatives for using RFID. Discuss whether we really need RFID protection?

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