Technical English 8



1. Today, due to COVID-19, it seems that no meaningful work can be performed by company employees without collaborating with others within and outside the company. What are the advantages and disadvantages of collaboration?

2. What is project management? Name at least seven suggestions that can help you to manage a project effectively; please explain each.

3. Name the five steps that can help you to improve your effectiveness as a listener. Briefly explain each.

4. What are the steps for setting your team's agenda on your first meeting. Please explain your answers in one, two, or more sentences.

5. What are the seven suggestions for communicating diplomatically? Please be brief.

6. What are the dos and don'ts of critiquing a colleague's work? Please be specific.

7. In addition to social media, what other tools do professionals use to exchange information and ideas as they collaborate? Briefly explain each.

8. Ethically speaking, what did you learn about maintaining a professional presence online, gender and collaboration, and culture and collaboration? Please be brief.

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