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For this assignment, you will create a one page overview of your plan for your Semester Final Project. The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that both you and I are clear on what you will be working on throughout the coming weeks. While I fully realize the final product may shift as you're writing, it's good to start working on that now, and for me to be able to redirect or provide guidance if there's anything that could be an issue or needs more development.

Recommended steps for this assignment:

  • Review the "Creative Writing Final Assignment" doc in Week 1
  • Think about which one your gut tells you seems most intriguing
  • Using some of the techniques from your "Story and Character Concepts" (or whatever techniques help you with brainstorming), start working on some ideas for what you could be writing about. 
  • Once you have a pretty strong idea for what it could be, in no more than one page write a synopsis of your project in a word doc.
  • Sit on it just a little bit and make sure you're sold on it, THEN submit it here.

I won't prescribe what your synopsis must include, but I expect the following depending on which kind of project you're leaning towards:

  • Short Story: High level story concept (with ideas for main plot points), key characters, genre, setting, and any other details you already have in mind that seem pertinent.
  • Poetry Portfolio: An overarching theme for the poetry (e.g. Discovery, Nature, Family, etc.) and an initial list of some of the poetry forms you plan to include. We haven't discussed different poetry forms yet, so I recommend googling "poetry forms" or reaching out to me and I can help provide you with some example forms to investigate. To reiterate from my previous statements, I'm not accepting some of the shorter forms, though you're welcome to barter - maybe writing three or four shorter forms in the place of one longer form piece.
  • Screen or Stage Play: Same as short story, but likely with more emphasis on the characters and setting. Keep in mind that it's still going to be a short script so I don't personally recommend more than three scenes if you plan on having multiple scenes. Like poetry, I realize we haven't discussed this format yet, so please reach out if you have any initial thoughts/questions/concerns!
  • Other: You should probably reach out to me before submitting another idea that doesn't fit into one of those three categories. Again, look at the assignment doc for more details on this! 

The deadline for this assignment is Friday, October 16th by 9am EST.

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