Survey to Collect Data



Your company has asked that you create a survey to collect data on customer satisfaction related to their health care experience at your hospital.

Assignment Details (4-5 pages)

  • Please Add Title to page
  • Page 1:
    • A brief summary of the health care issue/topic (wait time, medication errors, etc.)
    • Number and access of source to sample and population 
    • Limitations of the survey (parameters) 
    • Time line for completion of survey

  • Page 2: Survey Questions
    • Survey questions: Limit the questions to 10

  • Page 3: Compilation of Data
    • Time line for assessment and evaluation of data
    • Challenges faced during this process

  • Page 4: Results and Conclusions 
    • Results of study 
    • Conclusions and potential value of the findings

  • Reference page

Deliverable Length 

  • 4–5 pages
  • Title and reference pages
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