Hi attached my smartquiz project concept which has to be evaluated and below sections have to be answered based on that. 

for reference related to concepts to be considered for sections below the text book also has been attached

Inline citations , APA formart  & no plagiarism 

Section 1: Understanding and Conceptualizing Interaction (see chapter 2)

For this section, you will describe the problem space you are designing for (1 page) and any conceptual models and interface metaphors you are using in your design (1 page).

Section  2: Evaluation (see chapter 15)

For this component, perform a heuristic evaluation of your own interface. List the benchmarks you wish to evaluate (at least 10) and then describe how your interface measures up to your points of evaluation (2 sentence minimum per benchmark). (1-2 pages)

Section 4 : Establishing Requirements (see chapter 10)

In this section describe the requirements of the interface and the tasks the users need to perform. Link each task or requirement to one or more personas (1-2 pages).,%20Helen%20Sharp,%20Yvonne%20Rogers-Interaction%20Design_%20Beyond%20Human-Computer%20Interaction-Wiley%20(2015)%5B369707%5D.PDF

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