Summary of book, "Meditation Made Easy"


MEDITATION SPARK CHART (100 points) - Creatively capture all the key concepts and information from Meditation Made Easy onto a two page document. Make it appear attractive, easy to read (bullets, boxes, images, etc.). Think of it as something you could laminate and have at a desk, or you could give it to someone and they could understand all the key information in the book very quickly.  Things to include: key concepts and definition, health and other benefits, how to’s, brief summaries of at least five or six types of meditations that you want to remember.  This replaces a test, so it must demonstrate that you read and understand the book. It also should reflect some creativity, because, well, this is a Creativity class. :)

To do well:

Must be content rich, meaning it should include: Definitions of meditation, mindfulness; examples of each, benefits of each, reasons, best practices, examples of various meditations and what they are good for.  Think about it as if your friend had to take a test on the topic and hadn't read the book, so you had to prepare him or her with all the knowledge you could.  Also know that he or she won't have time to wade through a lot of dialog, so you don't write an essay, it has to be visually organized so he or she could understand main points quickly. Use bullets, numbered items, etc. 

Also, this is the equivalent of a test, it has to show me that you read the book. 

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