Subject: Tasking #1 - SPSS Week 4 Assignment #1 --


 This is Week 4 Assignment.
Attached is a copy of one of the assignments. Use the Notebook_sav workbook attached to complete the assignment. 


Use SPSS® to check your mock data for the following:

· Assumptions of normality (Shapiro-Wilk)

· Homogeneity of variance (Lavene)

· Outliers

· Skewness/Kurtosis


Complete each of the associated tasks below:

  1. Create a series of tables that depict the results. Do not simply paste your output from SPSS®; rather, prepare each table to demonstrate your ability to format according to APA guidelines.
  2. Produce a graph of the frequency distribution and paste it below.
  3. Describe your results.
  4. What steps will you take if your data is not normally distributed?
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