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Sheet metal is delivered to the plant and automobile transmission parts are produced.  Last week in the LOTO exercise, you were introduced to one of its processes, the annealing furnace, which heats formed parts to improve strength characteristics. Before the final annealing process, dozens of individual workstations cut, stamp, drill, grind, weld, acid wash, coat and inspect parts that are then placed on the rollers leading to the oven. Once cooled, the parts are boxed and stacked in a warehouse for daily shipment. The manufacturing is basically one very large room.  Off to one side are storage rooms for parts, chemicals, and supplies, locker rooms, and a lunch room.  Up front in the office building wing, there is an office suite for management, financial, purchasing, human resources, etc.  The plant runs three shifts: two manufacturing shifts and the night shift that performs maintenance to keep all the machines functional.  It is a large, busy and rather noisy place to work

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