Strategic Audit Report: Internal Environment



Provided are the guidelines to complete each part:

  1. Create a written overview Sara Lee Inc. culture. Is it positive or negative, does it align with the organization's objectives, strategies, and policies? Explain the company's marketing goals. Are they clearly stated, consistent with their mission and vision statement, and follow the organizational goals?
  2. Complete an Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) table using the guidelines and instructions in the following documents:
  3. Review the following guidelines for the SEC Form 10-K Report and complete the blank 10-K template. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of your strategic audit company's financial position.


  • - Part 1 of your assignment should be one-two pages in length.
  • - Parts 2 and 3 of your assignment should consist of the completed worksheet and template.
  • - All pages should be double-spaced, with sources cited and referenced using current APA formatting where appropriate.

You should have a total of one-two pages and the completed worksheets upon completion of all parts. Compile all pages of your document to submit to this assignment.

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