Strategic Audit Report: Executive Summary


Write the Executive Summary section or the beginning of your Strategic Audit Report (Sara Lee). The opening section of your audit report can easily be the most important part of the audit, can grab a reader's attention, and keep it throughout if written correctly; while a poorly written one can leave the reader guessing and confused. So, as you complete this section be descriptive, detailed, and use well-written language. 


Provided are the guidelines to complete this section:

  • Write a summary of your strategic audit report.
  • This section should be a review of the strategic audit’s findings. It is not to be a history of the firm, or what the firm does (you have already written this in the 1.5 - Strategic Audit Report: Sara Lee
  • It should be an overview of what is contained in the Strategic Audit Report and the findings.
  • The Executive Summary is meant to sell your strategic report to your reader.


  • This section should be one (1) full page in length.

  • The document should be double-spaced, with sources cited and referenced using current APA formatting, where applicable.
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