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UNIT TWO: There's only one exercise due for Unit , but it takes some prep work. First, review the Power Point slide lecture "Logical Fallacies."Preview the document Take notes unless you already know this stuff -- it takes some thinking. Then, read the silly story "Love Is a FallacyPreview the document,"  which is just full of logical fallacies. 

When  you've completed this prep work (and you really won't be able  to complete the exercise until you've read the materials), complete the  following exercise:

  • Make a list of each of the  eight fallacies that the narrator teaches to Polly in "Love Is A  Fallacy," and define each fallacy, briefly explaining how it works in  the story.
  • Next, write your own example for each of the eight fallacies.
  • Then, write a paragraph on  which fallacy you see most commonly; it could be among friends, in the  media, or in any speech by a politician. Alternatively, you may describe  one you personally have been committing without being aware of it.
  • Review your work with a peer  before you submit it, if possible. Exchange drafts and comment on the  personal examples of the fallacies. Are they accurate and logical  examples?
  • Finally, please write a  paragraph or two of reflection on what you gained by learning about a  few of these logical fallacies. How might you apply what you’ve learned  to your own life?

 Please note that the posted deadline is  ABSOLUTE. The labs support the composition of the essays and must be  completed before the essay for the unit is submitted.

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  • Read the following TWO attachments and answer the following questions.

    • - Make a list and cite each of the eight fallacies that the narrator teaches to Polly in "Love Is A Fallacy," …