Start Seeing Diversity Blog: "We Don't Say Those Words in Class!"


As part of this exploration, children often notice differences in each other and often, to the dismay of adults around them, have no problem verbally identifying these differences. If you have spent any time with young children, you have undoubtedly heard things such as: "That girl has dark skin," "That man looks like a girl!" "Why does that woman use a wheelchair?" Though it is undeniable that young children notice differences, and often comment on them at inopportune times, children do not independently form negative associations about them.

Using this week's media resources, all that you have learned from the Start Seeing Diversity media segment, and Harro's "Cycle of Liberation" as a guide:

By Day 6

Post the following on your Blog:

  • A time when you witnessed an adult (or yourself) reprimand or silence a child after he or she pointed out someone they saw as different (e.g., "That lady talks funny," " That man only has one leg!" "Why is that man so pretty!"). Include what the child said and what the adult did or said in response. (Note: If you cannot think of a specific time ask a friend or family member.)
  • What messages might have been communicated to this child by the adult's response
  • An example of how an anti-bias educator might have responded to support the child's (or classroom's ) understanding
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