Standing waves in a tube open at both ends


1. A flute acts like a tube open at both ends.  If it is 66 cm long, how many meters are the wavelengths of it fundamental frequency and next 2 harmonics?  Answer with numbers only, no units.

λ1 =         m

λ2 =         m

λ3 =         m

2. At room temperature (20°C), a tube open at both ends has a fundamental frequency of 233 Hz.  How many meters long is the tube? Answer in numbers, no units.

3. What are the frequencies of the 3rd and 6th harmonics of the above tube? Number answers , no units.

3rd Harmonic =                   Hz.

6th Harmonic =                    Hz

4. What would be the frequency in Hz of a .50 m tube if the air temperature was  34°F (1°C)?  Number answer only, no units.

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