SQL Statements, MS ACCESS, Due in 8 hours


You must use the attached file content.

Using the SQL statements provided write CREATE and INSERT statements to populate the ARTIST, GALLERY and PAINTING tables in Microsoft ACCESS.  When inserting the data remember that if the data is Text data it should be enclosed in single quotes if it is numeric it will not be enclosed in quotes.  Review the examples in chapter 7.  You will need to save your Statements in MS Access in the Query view to receive credit for this exercise.  I will need to see an INSERT statement for the Artist Table, the Gallery Table and the Painting Table.  You will need to insert records into the Parent table before entering records into the child/related table. In addition create 2 new INSERT statements by copying 2 of the existing INSERT statements from each table and change the data and save those INSERT statements with a name of NEW_INSERT_PAINTER_1 , NEW_INSERT_GALLERY_1, NEW_INSERT_PAINTING_1.  Increment the 2nd INSERT STATEMENT and save it to the query view pane.

When creating a query in ACCESS do the following

  1. Click on the Create Menu Button
  2. Select Query Design
  3. Depending on which version of Access you      have Select SQL View if you have ACCESS 2013
  4. In older versions select View then SQL      View
  5. Execute your CREATE and INSERT      statements and add the data.  Review the examples in Chapter 7 on      Adding Table Rows for help with writing Insert statements
  6. Save the Query as
    • Add Painter or Artist       incrementing each query name by 1 to distinguish one insert from another
    • Add Gallery
    • Add Painting
  7. You will insert each record in each      table. Again, I emphasize the SQL Statements must be saved in order to get      credit.  I will test your SQL statements to see if they work.          I have included the text file that has both the CREATE      and INSERT statements.  You will use these in the Query View of SQL      to learn to write simple SQL Statements. 

Please make sure that you turn on the primary key field.  You can do this in ACCESS by going to DESIGN VIEW and click on the row that is the primary key of the table and then go to TOOLS and select primary key. 


 Do not make this assignment complicated.  You are simply copying the text provided and executing the SQL statements and creating 2 new INSERTS for each of the 2 entities.  I need you to save 6 INSERT statements total not including the ones provided for this exercise.   If you don’t save the statements I will lose a significant amount of points because everything is already provided.  You will execute the INSERT statements provided to populate the table but do not save the queries  provided for these statements.  I already have them.  Save only the 6 new queries by modifying the INSERT statements data values  to the GALLERY, PAINTER and PAINTING tables. 

I have including an attachment name Ch07_Artist_SQL.txt.  These are the INSERT Statements you will use in this assignment.

When you have completed the assignment, first close ACCESS and then upload the database to Blackboard.  If you don't close the database before uploading I will not be able to retrieve your files or open the database and I will not receive credit for the exercise.

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