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Module 3 – Activity

1.  Provide a 2-3 sentence summary of relationship marketing as it is applied to each of the Four P’s (2-3 sentences per P).  In other words, how might a marketer focus on each of the Four P’s when considering the relationship value of a customer? Remember to summarize in your own words.

2.  In your own words (after reading your textbook), briefly explain the connection between fans, media and sponsors. What is the single most important step in this interaction? 

3.  List the four components of a customer focused sale. What is involved for each component?

4.  Customer s are looking for a return on their investment of __________ and _________. 

5.  What is the difference between focusing on entertainment and focusing on experience?

6.  What are the four ways customers are like “guests” according to the Disney Magic Marketing Formula?

7.  Other than the “guest” philosophy, what can sport organizations or sport businesses learn from Disney’s marketing or business practices.  Perform research of at least 3 sources and apply what you learned about Disney’s successful practices to a sport organization/business of your choice. 

Requirements:  1-2 pages total, 3 plus sources of Disney research, assessment of sources (is it an opinion or direct source?), application of research to the sport setting.

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