You are to choose a recent research article relevant to human physiology, record, and submit a presentation on it. 


I found this article. If you don't want to use mine, you can find one and write it yourself.

Format of presentation:

Audio component must consist of your voice

Visual component is optional

Duration: at least 5 minutes long, but no more than 10 minutes

Possible sources





Must include

Facilities involved

Primary author/research

Background of the problem, purpose, etc.

General idea of methods/how the research was done

The next step for the project/research

Article must be within 5 years (posted on/after 2015)


Have fun with this! If you're not interested in cancer: Don't present on cancer - it will show. 

Some ideas: Cancer (duh), new scary viruses, new cutting edge technology, effects of being in space, diet, sleep, memory, etc.

To reserve this presentation date:

Reply to this post with your full name, title of article, and a link to your article

If you are unsure of your article you must clear it with me (email) before posting

Only 3 students are allowed to present on a presentation day

To change presentation dates or topics

Simply reply to your original reservation post noting that you are changing topics (include new article title and link) or changing dates.

To submit presentation:

Reply to your 'reservation' post on the appropriate thread and submit your recording

You can host your presentation on Youtube and submit/embed the link in the submission reply

You can directly record your audio presentation when replying to the thread

File Format (if submitting a direct file): a common audio/video format such as .mp3; .mpeg; .mp4; etc.

Deadline: 11:59 pm of the date stated in the thread topic

Graded items of presentations:

Is the presentation submitted on time?

Is the presentation between 5-10 min?

Does the presentation cover the required details?

Does the presentation explain the topic thoroughly and supplemental explanation provided where needed?

Is the presentation an original summary and complete to the topic?

Does the presenter respond to questions from the audience (discussion board) in a timely manner?

To participate as an audience member:

You must submit at least 2 replies per presentation date

You do not have to reply to different presentations

Deadline: the following Sunday of the presentation

Minimum requirements for participation credit

4 English college-level (grammar & spelling) sentences of thought provoking content

Response follows appropriate netiquette

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