Special Education

I need a proposal paper in regards to any topic in special education.
It has to contain:

Why is this topic important?
What's happening in regards to this topic/ effects?
Pros and Cons?
What strategies would you suggest to improve this situation. 

This cannot be plagiarized. 

10 sources are needed. 8 of the 10 sources can be from articles,  newspaper etc but must be legitimate .
2 of the 10 MUST be 2 people you interview. One interviewee is pro and the other a con. (You can make it up)

APA format

9 to 10 pages but not including work cited page and turn it in as proof. 

Topic: Para-Educators in special education; Training for paraprofessionals in regards to special needs students. 

Issue to be discussed: Paraprofessionals are usually not trained upon hire in regards to meeting the needs of special education students. 
What is the pro on providing training upon hire versus not being trained upon hire.

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