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Directions: Please write your own sentences using the vocabulary and grammar you have learned in this module. Do NOT use a translator like Google or Babelfish, etc.

This discussion is different from the ones we have done so far, so please read the directions completely.

In this discussion the class will create a story together. The story will describe ‘Una Casa Ideal en Latinoamérica.' The first person to post will write at least four sentences in Spanish only that takes us through an ideal Latin American home. After the first post, each of you will continue the story by writing three or four sentences in Spanish only using vocabulary of the chapter and focusing on the following grammar points:

  • ar/er/ir verbs
  • tener, ser and estar
  • Ir+ a + Infinitive
  • gustar

Image of Tropical Cabin Retreat in the Jungle at Sunset   

Model: Mi casa ideal está en la selva de Costa Rica, en un árbol. No es grande, pero tiene dos cuartos, un baño y una cocina. Hay escaleras para llegar a mi casa. ( at this point you would continue with the story).

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