Software Development Processes: Assignment



This examination follows the same format as the previous two examinations. All answers should be based on the application scenario described next. The assertions made in your answers should each be explicitly supported by citing characteristics of the scenario.

Application Scenario

Your team has been assigned to convert an existing company product to the cloud. The company wishes to provide this application as a Software As A Service. At the same time, your team is supposed to rewrite portions of the application to be simpler, and to provide greater security and privacy for customers.

The application automatically tracks sales and service performance of applications for each product the customer wants the application to track. A customer provides sales data for those applications weekly or monthly at the customer’s choice. Service data is provided in the same manner. Customers have a choice of using a menu based interface to provide this data or to provide scripts in our special scripting language which support automatic retrieval by our application of the needed data.  

The questions below concern a single module of our application. This module uses a menu-based interface that your team should be converting to work through a browser to get the list of customer applications the customer wants our application to track, the frequency at which information about those applications is to be acquired, and the means the customer will use to provide this information (interface or scripts). This module saves this data in encrypted form in a database.

Examination Questions

What specific unit testing methods would you use for this module? Why?

Write two specific unit test cases for this module using one of the test methods you selected. For each test case, describe Objective, Input data, and expected results, 

What should the roles of Quality Assurance be with respect to this entire application? Why?

After delivery, what support activities will your customer need for continued satisfactory operation of this application? Explain how specific characteristics of this specific application determine these.

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