Sociology Reflection on a Story



You will write three-page reviews of a story from the book. Your grade will depend on how closely you answer these questions:- 


  • · Discuss why you chose the story you did, what was most compelling to you?
  • · Name 2 concepts we have discussed in class that connect with the short story of your choice?

  • · Discuss what glaring differences, (if any), present themselves between the way you understand life in the US and life in the countries presented? What similarities are there? 

  • · Are there any themes of oppression, resistance and resilience that stand out?
  • · Who is telling the story? What is missing? How could they have told the story differently? 

  • · How did the story help you understand other people? What did you already know? Again, what ideas and concepts from class can you use to discuss what is taking place?

  • · What would you like to add to the story? 
  • · What questions do you still have?

The concepts and the story are attached 

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