Sociology of Poverty


Research Paper: There will be a research paper required for this course. I expect your paper to be NOT LESS than 20 pages including table of contents, title page, and worked cited page. I will provide a list of possible research topics that you may consider for your paper. These are my ideas and are only meant to give you some perspective or directions in choosing your topic and title. But you may feel free to modify, change, revise and use any one of my recommended topics. But I prefer that you choose your own stuff. I want you to be original. When you read some of the sources we are using for this course, it is hoped that more ideas will spring up in your own head as to what you might want to do. It is important that you nail down your research topic right away because the first thing you will have to do is a Literature Review of your topic. Your literature review must be NOT LESS than 15 professional works. You will have to summarize each work in at least a half page each before you attempt to get started on your paper. Your literature review is to allow you to discover what research other scholars have done on your subject. And then you will be ready to complete your paper because your mind will have become impregnated with researched materials. Students say all the time, I don’t know how to get started on my paper. That is normal but it has a simple solution. You have not read the literature. You do not know what is out there. You do not know what other writers and scholars have been writing and thinking about on your topic That is why I demand that the review of the literature be done FIRST as soon as you decide on a topic. So choose a topic ASAP and run it past me for approval. Remember, good research topics answer the questions who, what , where and when. The why will be covered in the narrative itself. 

Quality of Work 

All work assignments should be presented professionally. This means it should be typed, APA or MLA formatting, Times New Roman, 12 point font, numbered pages, and double-spaced. These are the only acceptable fonts and formats. An acceptable title page should also besubmitted with your work. Also, emailed assignments will NOT be accepted under any circumstances. 

NOTE: There will be originality checks applied to all written and researched assignments whether they be Research Papers, discussions papers. Response papers, written essays, et. If you use other persons’ research, you MUST acknowledge them with in text citations and works cited pages. I detest over reliance on internet data sources and Wikipedia information. This is not real research. This type of information is good for discussion and conversation but not for professional research papers. DO NOT become dot comas, i.e., www. www. www. Not Acceptable. Practice acquiring resources from the library’s enormous data base in Galileo. The e-books, e-journal, and e-articles are rather extensive. I really want you to spend some time in the physical library as well as opposed to the virtual library in J-stor. It will serve you well to spend some time in the library checking out books articles and professional manuscripts for your research paper. 

Topic:  child poverty and education 

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