In real-time to the documentary “True Cost”

In the fashion industry there’s has been a chain in demand for buying clothes at lower value. However with the fashion industry being a trillion dollar business , consumers are not aware of the price they are really paying behind the low cost , which is the value of someone live being lost. In Dakota Baghdad which is the one of the top manufactures after China have a experienced trauma incidents behind the clothing factories collapsed due to neglect to building. The main concern for those whose in the clothing industry.... is low price and high profits , neglecting those who are behind the scences who are created the garments working under unlawful working conditions with 2 pay wages and davtieujes that are not even safe to work In is ridiculous. There have been 1000 lives taken Away due the making need who are

On the other side of the spectrum of the clothing industry is the starting level of creating the garments with cottons... in G m seeds and the creation of cotton which 85% fabric to make clothing .... through the process of creating
effects in making GM seeds for cotton
Big ecological effect there’s no control on what’s going on with nature it self.

In indies on the are of spraying the fields with GM has effect on human health where they are birth defects , cancers , and mental illness ... physical handicap and retardation and mothers have no money for the medical expenses for the children so they wait for the death of theirs child because they have no other options to choose from .

Monsanto’s is the proud leader of agriculture of innovation 

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