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Complete the reading for Week 1 and respond to the following:

Teach the class: In your own words, based on the required reading and a scholarly source that you select, define the concept of secondary small group and explain how this concept differs from small group and primary group.

Then, think of any secondary small group (or a group with both primary and secondary characteristics) to which you have belonged in the past or to which you belong now. Briefly describe this group to the class. Then explain the small group throughput processes of your chosen group. If communication is the heart of this transformational process, how would you describe the quality of communication in your chosen group, and what would like to see improve?

Respond substantively to a minimum of two peers by Day 7 of Week 1. Inquire about the character and dynamics of your fellow students’ small group experiences. Your main post should consist of approximately 350 words.

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