Simple essay writing (250 words)


Submission Instructions

Now that you have read about your topic a bit and considered multiple perspectives related to it, you are ready to put together your Module 1 assignment.  

The following components should appear together in one document in your submission. Use the Milestone 1 TemplatePreview the document to assemble your finished product:  

  1. The topic you selected (it must be one of the choices in this list).
  2. One source from the Excelsior College Library on your topic. (This does not need to be in APA format but must include the title, date, author, and a link to the source. Your source cannot be the associated research starter article linked in the chart above. It cannot come from a Google Search.)
  3. At least three interesting or troubling facts about the topic that comes from your source listed above. (These should be written in your own words and not copy/pasted directly from the source.)
  4. At least three questions you have about this topic and how it might impact the future of our society. (You do not need to have answers to these questions yet, just pose the questions for now.  Aim for “why” questions rather than “what”. These are the questions that will drive your research in the next few weeks and help you to find the most useful sources.)
  5. A short paragraph (approx. 200-250 words) reflecting on this process. (Consider the following as you reflect: why did you choose this topic? Do you think you have any biases toward a certain perspective on it? How will you try to minimize your own biases as you conduct research? Did you find it difficult to find a source or come up with questions about your topic or to think about how this topic relates to the future?)
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