For this Performance Task, you will select a community that has high or increasing levels of crime and determine what the current research literature says about the effects of the crime present on the community. Generally, you may find that crime can have wide-ranging effects, from housing values to psychological outcomes. Keep in mind as you examine the research, however, that the effects of crime on communities is also influenced by location-specific and historic factors that may not translate to other communities. As a criminal justice professional, being able to analyze research articles and interpret the findings is an important skill that will allow you to make empirically supported decisions on the job.

Submission Length: 4-page paper


You will first need to select a community (United States) with high or increasing levels of crime. Using the Walden Library, research the types of crime present in the community as well as the effects of the crime. You should limit your search to the criminal justice research databases provided in the Learning Activities for this Competency.

Select three peer-reviewed journal articles related to crime in your selected community to use for this Assessment.

Download the Walden Writing Center’s APA Course Template to use for this Assessment. Ensure you use appropriate headings. 

In your analysis, explain the following:

  1. In 2–3 pages total:

    Identify the research question in each article. 
    • Provide an overview of the independent and dependent variables. 
    • Explain the effects of your selected crime on the community studied. 
    • Explain how the research findings compare to the existing body of knowledge. (Look in the discussion section of the articles.)
  2. In 1–2 pages, explain the limitations of each study.
  3. In 1–2 pages, explain the impact the research findings could have on policy and research.
  4. Review the Academic Writing Checklist prior to submitting your Assessment.
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