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Apply your critical thinking skills to looking at Rescue Remedy, a popular natural remedy for anxiety.

Use Rescue Remedy's website  and any other internet or personal resources to determine whether you would buy rescue remedy or recommend it to a friend. Explain why or why not using emotion(100 words), behavioral(100 words), and cognitive components(100 words) of critical thinking(100 words). 

Your paper must explicitly address the following 4 points. total 400 words. MLA format. Due in 2 hours before 11:30pm pacific time. 

Critical thinking:  process of objectively evaluating, comparing, analyzing, and synthesizing information; Emotional Component: Empathize, Welcome other views; Behavioral component: Listen, Use language precisely and accurately, Gather information, Wait for judgement, Be open-minded, Accept change; Cognitive Component: Recognize your biases, Differentiate between fact and opinion, Don’t overgeneralize, Analyze data, Apply knowledge, Think independently, Metacognition 

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